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Zambia Face-To-Face Training, August 2021

Current, outline plans for face-to-face (or online, if covid means it can’t physically take place) training in partnership with CHIPSA – Chingola Private Schools Association

Country: Zambia

Dates: Thursday 26th August to Saturday 28th August, 2021

City: Kitwe (map)

Proposed venue: Mist Gardens, (map)

Cost: $60 per person (for all three days)

Potential Subjects: Mathematics (Grades 3 and above), Science (Grades 5 and above) – see Notes!

Speakers: David Bird (nilsbird training) and, potentially, other UK experienced teacher trainers – see Notes!

Delivery: keynote speakers and workshops (incl. practical science)

Covid implications: The conference will move online if Covid means that it can’t physically take place.

Cost for online training: $30 per person (for all three days)


Other subjects will be added to the programme as, and when, it is feasible to do so. Also, some in-country speakers will be added as, and when, it is feasible to do so. There might be the possibility of accommodation at the venue. It is suggested that teachers from the same area arrange for joint transport options (e.g. a minibus/coach) to keep transport costs down. Kitwe is around 1 hour from Ndola Airport. Links to other countries shown here.

To be kept up-to-date about the training, please complete the form shown here.

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