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Trainer Profiles

David Bird

Image of David Bird

David Bird, owner of nilsbird training, provides training in Mathematics. Having begun as a mathematics teacher in 1987, David has spent nearly 34 years in education and training, including visiting many countries around the world as a trainer. David aims to encourage teachers to see learning as something holistic and not just about results. He seeks to show teachers that engaging students in their learning is always possible.



David Fuller

David Fuller provides training in ICT and general topics. He has a background in Engineering, ICT and Sales; has spent time as a Head of IT, as well as a lead teacher of ICT, in independent schools and academies for secondary age students. David has been training educators since 1990, including around the world. He uses his considerable experience supporting teachers in their classrooms and fully understands the teaching and learning needs of teachers. 



Ann Starks

Ann Starks provides training in General Topics. She has taught in a range of secondary schools and colleges, where she had a range of roles including Head of Faculty of Science and A Level courses leader. As a teacher trainer, Ann has visited many countries. She is motivated to support teachers to develop simple, relevant, achievable activities to use in the classrooms so that learners are active, interested and motivated.



Stephen Atyeo

Stephen Atyeo provides training in Science. He taught sciences in the UK for several years, including being a Head of Science and Physics at a large UK state secondary school for 16 years. Since 2010 Stephen has been working as a teacher trainer in many countries. He specifically encourages active learning and science practical work, using minimal resources.

Sioban Parker

Sioban Parker provides training in English and English As An Additional Language. She has worked in the field of education for 30 years, starting first as a teacher of English as a Second Language in France. She has also since worked internationally and in the UK. As a teacher trainer, Sioban has visited many countries. Sioban believes that as teachers we are always learning and aims for teachers to bring out the best of themselves for the benefit of their learners. 



Megan Wilkie

Megan Wilkie provides training in Mathematics. She has worked in education for a number of years, starting her career in South Africa. She has held different roles, including Head of Department at a large UK state secondary school and Business Development Manager for a UK-based tutoring company. Megan has worked as a teacher trainer in South Africa and supported companies deliver training. Megan is passionate about education.  She believes that inspired teachers are the key to unlocking bright futures for underprivileged students. 

Sanjit Chimber

Sanjit Singh Chimber provides training in Mathematics. He is a mathematics teacher with over 17 years of experience working in the classroom and for several Universities, as well as working as a consultant. Sanjit provides training courses to trainee teachers, newly qualified teachers and experienced practitioners. His approach to training is to model pedagogy that teachers can emulate in their own classroom. He believes that “teachers should facilitate learning experiences” and support their students to become “empowered subject specialists”.


Many of the trainers who work through nilsbird training have extensive examining experience.

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