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The Difference Between A Level/IB and GCSE

The Difference Between A Level/IB and GCSE is a 1-hour webinar, delivered by David Fuller, designed for subject teachers to start to develop skills and techniques to help their students achieve the best they can at A Level and IB. Although primarily designed with A Level and IB as the focus qualifications, the content of the webinar is relevant to any teacher who wants to support their students as they study post 16 qualifications.

Video snippets of The Difference Between A Level/IB and GCSE.

Feedback on this webinar

“This was good experience. It refreshed my mind on key skills to help my students learn and how to encourage them to do this … I had an A level class immediately after the webinar and was inspired to share things from the experience with my learners.”

Additional information

  • The target audience for the webinar is Grade 11 upwards

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