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Teaching from a Single Computer with No Internet Access

Teaching from a Single Computer with No Internet Access is a 1-hour webinar, delivered by David Fuller, that will enable participants to start to develop skills and techniques to help with the challenge of teaching a class with limited access to technology. (It assumes that there is a computer and screen, and in some cases a projector.)  It will investigate the types of resources available to the participant and how to prepare for a lesson where you want to use a computer, and finally will discuss the actual delivery of the lesson.

Additional information

  • The target audience for the webinar is Grade 3 upwards

Delivery Date and Time

Tuesday 19th October 2021, 16:00 GMT

The standard price for Teaching from a Single Computer with No Internet Access is $7 (£5.11). However, until 16:00 GMT on Sunday 17th October 2021, the training is heavily discounted to the amazing price of $2.50 (£1.82).

Ticket purchasing

Inside Zambia: payment can be made by mobile money**, or online using Stripe.***

Rest of the world: online using Stripe.***

Online Payments Using Stripe

$2.50 (£1.82)

Payment confirmation will be received after purchase. Access instructions will be sent no later than 48 hours before the training is due to commence. See webinars to learn about which software is used.

** contact nilsbird training for access to the mobile money option.

*** PayPal can be provided on request. Contact nilsbird training for further details.

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