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Teaching Creation Science from a Biblical Perspective – overview, VOD webinar

Teaching Creation Science from a Biblical Perspective – overview is a 43 minutes (video on demand) webinar, delivered by Joseph Hubbard, that will seek to provide training as to how to effectively teach students from a Biblical perspective. It will cover four basic points of Creation Science, giving a brief overview of each, and then present practical ideas for hands-on, mentally stimulating projects to teach students. The webinar seeks to enhance the teaching of Creation Science making it applicable across all disciplines of study.

Download the Teaching Creation Science from a Biblical Perspective series flyer.

Feedback on this webinar

“Taught with great science knowledge and also grace. Thank you.”

“This was well organised and I am impressed with the organisation. Keep it up.”

“This is a very good initiative taken.”

“Well presented and informative, thank you. It could have gone on longer, and I wouldn’t have minded!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar; ‘Teaching Creation Science from a Biblical Perspective’. Jo certainly knew his material and was an engaging speaker.”

“Thank you for answering my questions about dinosaurs. It was interesting and I want to learn more about history and science.”

“That was a great webinar presentation experience and so much thankful for the opportunity to be able to attend to this kind of webinar. I highly recommend this and would like to encourage everyone to attend this webinar.”

“Things are really moving in the area of creation science today and no one needs to feel intimidated about believing exactly what the Bible says about origins. Joseph has an enthusiasm that carries you along with him. He presents his topic with a gusto which is just what we need to communicate to the rising generation.”

Additional information

  • The target audience for this webinar is anyone involved in Christian education (teachers, home schoolers, pastors, youth leaders etc.)

VOD delivery

To access the VOD delivery please click here.

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