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David Bird

David Bird (owner of nilsbird training) began his career in 1987, working as a secondary mathematics teacher in the UK. During his career, David has taught many subjects and ages (5-17).

David became an examiner in 2001, for a UK examination board, and in 2003 added international examining work to his portfolio of experience. Since 2009, David has been travelling the world on behalf of others, and himself, supporting teachers in their delivery of mathematics and other subjects.

Nilsbird training began in 2018, and through it, David continues to support teachers; especially those whose circumstances are challenging, such as where there are limited resources and support. (For David it is about allowing all teachers to access quality training, whatever their circumstances.)

Through nilsbird training, David seeks to provide support for teachers, through the use of online and face-to-face training (when circumstances allow). Currently, with the support of additional consultants, the following subject-specific training can be provided:

  • English
  • English as an Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • ICT

The provision of other subjects will be investigated upon request.

  • Subject specific
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Active learning strategies
  • Stretching and challenging students
  • High level questioning techniques
  • Supporting less able students
  • Assessment for learning

Other bespoke training can be provided, as necessary.

Feedback from face-to-face training

The Standards Unit Reboot – delivered in the UK

“… re-engaging with some fantastic materials …”

“Great discussions with other teachers from lots of different backgrounds … a wide variety of activities to explore.”

“I really enjoyed working, meeting and discussing with other maths teachers from across the country. The activities were interesting and could be used in the classroom.”

“Really enjoyed the course. Excellent conversations with like-minded individuals and discussions.”

“Well organised with good resources … linked to mastery. Enjoyed primary and secondary together.”

Supporting EAL Learners in the Teaching and Learning Environment – delivered in the UK

“Strategies and resources to use with EAL pupils. Things I can implement every day … Was very informative and I feel more confident now. Thank you”

“Practical strategies. Sharing ideas … Thank you!”

“Practical ideas to use in class … Well delivered.”

“Strategies, practical ideas. Activities that can be recycled … Very helpful. Thank you.”

“Strategies to use. The knowledge that what I am doing is ok … It was really nice sharing ideas.”

International mathematics training – Sierra Leone

“The things that I found more useful is I was once fretting about maths but I have get courage to challenge math in anyway.”

“The thing that I find most useful in the training is that we should let pupils do thinking in maths. Sharing ideas.”

“The most useful aspects about the course is critical thinking and the grouping methods you taught us. Also, the group outdoor activities you did with us.”

“The teaching was good and everything about the training was very good.”

“I thank you for your knowledge sharing.”

Feedback from online training

Effective Teaching in a Low Resource Environment – webinar

“The webinar was quite interesting and educative. Thank you.”

“Great stuff. Thanks a lot. Information will surely be used soon.”

“I’m indeed grateful to have such precious lessons that aid to widening my horizon of thinking, given me more experience and skills in teaching and learning.”

“The nilsbird training on low resource teaching was an eye opener. It gave great insights on how one can teach effectively with few resources.”

Informal Learning – real world skills gained in real world projects – webinar

“I loved the school radio station concept!” 

“It was interesting to know about your experience of instilling informal learning, you practised in Oscar radio real life skill development. Your passion for teaching was reflected throughout.”

Teaching Creation Science from a Biblical Perspective – webinar

“Well presented and informative, thank you. It could have gone on longer, and I wouldn’t have minded!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar; ‘Teaching Creation Science from a Biblical Perspective’. Jo certainly knew his material and was an engaging speaker.”

“Thank you for answering my questions about dinosaurs. It was interesting and I want to learn more about history and science.”

“That was a great webinar presentation experience and so much thankful for the opportunity to be able to attend to this kind of webinar. I highly recommend this and would like to encourage everyone to attend this webinar.”

Educating the 21st Century Student – three-day conference

“The conference was awesome and very insightful and really helped me to build my thinking perception to the teaching and learning process. Am looking forward to more conferences from Nilsbird. Thank you David.”

“… Well it’s been a great lesson and experience to be lectured by different professionals from well trained universities and also meeting with different colleagues though it’s via virtual have gained vast knowledge and skills in my professional career …”

“Thanks David for your efforts towards enriching the teaching profession… I realy learnt a lot hopefully your trainings could come to Uganda more often …”

“The conference was wonderful, thank you so much my teaching will never be the same.”

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