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International Training

2022 options

Nilsbird training is taking a break from face-to-face training. Please email nilsbird training, or message through Facebook or Twitter, to discuss your online training requirements for 2022.

Previous international training

Educating the 21st Century Student (online conference) August 2021


“The conference was awesome and very insightful and really helped me to build my thinking perception to the teaching and learning process. Am looking forward to more conferences from Nilsbird. Thank you David.”

“… Well it’s been a great lesson and experience to be lectured by different professionals from well trained universities and also meeting with different colleagues though it’s via virtual have gained vast knowledge and skills in my professional career …”

“Thanks David for your efforts towards enriching the teaching profession… I realy learnt a lot hopefully your trainings could come to Uganda more often …”

“The conference was wonderful, thank you so much my teaching will never be the same.”

Sierra Leone January 2019

Links to mathematics training delivered for Primary School teachers in Sierra Leone, January 2019:

The Philosophy

Teacher Training An Overview

No electricity, so no PowerPoint

Making the use of the outside

Why do we teach mathematics?

Simple activities for mathematical thinking and motivation

Higher order thinking skills. The odd one out

Video feedback from some teachers at the end of the second week of training.

General international teacher training

International training can also be provided for general aspects of teaching, such as:

  • What is active learning?
  • Active learning strategies
  • Stretching and challenging students
  • High level questioning techniques
  • Supporting less able students
  • What is assessment?
  • Formative assessment techniques
  • Productive feedback

Please email nilsbird training, or message through Facebook or Twitter, to discuss your requirements.

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