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General topics

Current available 1-hour webinars:

  • Asking Questions in an Active Classroom
  • Using Your Most Able Students in the Classroom
  • The Difference Between A Level/IB and GCSE
  • Informal Learning – real world skills gained in real world projects

See individual pages for details concerning the content, and any current delivery dates, of the following webinars:

Webinars have extensive teaching, critical thinking and interaction through chat and polling, along with a Q and A segment at the end.

A certificate of attendance will be available for participants at the end of each webinar.

If you would like to have any of the webinars, just for your school, please email nilsbird training, or message through Facebook or Twitter.

Minimum Number of Attendees

Each live webinar has a minimum number of attendees before it can take place.

Keeping up to date

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Privacy policies

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