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Developing a mathematics professional – 5 Days Training

Developing a mathematics professional is a 5-day webinar** training programme, delivered by David Bird (with the support of other trainers, as required) that will seek to develop and support classroom professionals who teach mathematics. It will look at the reasons why mathematics is taught and various strategies that can be used to engage students in the subject. Problem solving will be investigated in detail and critical thinking/higher order thinking skills will feature throughout the training. The importance of questioning, both in verbal and written form, will also be a focus of the training, with an emphasis on the need to get students to think! Practical suggestions for the classroom will be given.
** each webinar lasts 1 hour.

  • Day 1: Why mathematics?
    How do you answer the question, “When will I ever use this sir?”
  • Day 2: Effective strategies for any classroom situation
    Is there a strategy that is more important than any other?
  • Day 3: The world of problem solving
    How do students become effective problem solvers?
  • Day 4: Questions, questions, questions!
    What is an effective question?
  • Day 5: Now that I have learnt!
    Which is the best way to put it all together?

Download the training flyer.

Feedback on the training

Video feedback

“I had attended training last year.** It helped me develop my skills a lot. Like last year, this year’s training was also interactive and thought provoking. It was presented in an enthusiastic way. Thank you so much for the valuable training.” Rosmy Gibi, Lechwe School, Zambia.
** with another organisation

“From college days, things change in the life of a teacher. There is always need to get revitalised into the teaching and problem solving techniques. This is exactly what the five days training did for me!! Thanks to coach David” Mweemba V. Simpande, Mpelembe Secondary School, Zambia

“The lesson was awesome I really enjoyed. More especially on how I should be responding when my student gives me a wrong answer …” Natasha Chola, Primary Steps Ltd School, Zambia

“The webinar was really informative and helped me to get new ideas on strategies and methodologies on teaching, to be followed in class. I would suggest all the teachers should attend such sessions for upgrading their practices of teaching.” Bindu Menon, Head of Department, Springfields Secondary School, Zambia

“The training provided me the opportunity to learn and understand that: Students need to become effective problem solvers and understand that problem solving process is like going on a journey. As they solve problems, students are encouraged to ask questions and use problem solving skills and strategies. Teachers also need know how to help students problem solve. Getting students to think is a great reason to ask questions therefore, both teachers and students can ask and create both close and open-ended questions.”
Mariama Tarawalie, Sierra Leone

General comments

“The training was very good for professional development. Any further maths related trainings will be welcome. And thanks a lot for sharing the information to us.”

“It made you think, first response not always the right answer, when thinking about the question, there could be more than one correct option.”

“I can’t wait to go back to school so that I can put what I have learnt into practice.”

“The training is was excellent and educative.”

Additional information

  • The target audience for the training is Grade 3 upwards but others are welcome to attend
  • A WhatsApp group will be provided to allow discussion of the training
  • Additional tasks will be provided for completion between training sessions
  • Detailed 5-day supporting notes will be available at the end of the training
  • Certificates of Attendance and Certificates of Completion** will be available
    ** a Certificate of Completion is available for an attendee who provides evidence of the additional tasks that are set between training sessions

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