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Active Learning and Mathematics in a Low Resource Classroom

Active Learning and Mathematics in a Low Resource Environment is a 1-hour webinar, delivered by David Bird (owner of nilsbird training), that will seek to support participants who have the daily experience of little resources in the Mathematics classroom. It will delve into the world of active learning and consider its importance. It will investigate how important critical thinking and problem solving are, and how they can enhance active learning in mathematics. The importance of getting students to think will be discussed, and examples of written and verbal questions will be explored. Practical suggestions for the classroom will be given.

Video snippets of Active Learning in the Mathematics Classroom.

Feedback on Active Learning in the Mathematics Classroom

“It was good … great ideas and explanations”

“It was very informative and interactive given the time frame”

“It’s an interesting program. Keep up the good work”

“The webinar was good, as I am enjoying to share the ideas”

Additional information

  • The target audience for the webinar is Grade 3 upwards
  • This webinar is designed for teachers in a low resource environment
  • If you don’t teach in a low resource environment, you can attend the webinar

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